Computing has been proven to be indispensable in of all of life's activities, everything from shopping to booking holidays and banking can now be conveniently done using a computer. It is no wonder people feel left out when they are not able to carry out the simplest activities using a computer. We realise that not everyone is on the same level and we hope to even the playing field for every one. We offer the following coaching solutions to enable you achieve this:

  • Database
  • Programming
  • General computer skills (Windows & Linux)
  • Microsoft office training
  • The Internet and E-mails

Whether your passion is designing, programming or just having general knowledge on using a computer, we have a number of tutors fully trained and certified to enable you achieve your goal. With several years experience in computing, all our tutors are fully trained to industry standards and as such are able to help you achieve whatever it is you intend to do. For a quote or to request a tutor, feel free to contact us.